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farm management

We know how to take care of land and maximize its potential. Brummel Realty’s professional farm management services are provided to help landowners achieve their goals & objectives, while assisting our clients with their farm management decisions.

Our farm management services range from an occasional consultation to complete management of a farm operation. Brummel Realty offers customized services since each property is unique and needs individualized attention.

You can expect only the best from Brummel Realty and that includes but certainly not limited to:

• Analyzing your farm and breaking down your goals to generate a detailed lease analysis.
• Collection & disbursement of rental income
• Payment of property taxes
• Developing a marketing plan for your grain
• Recommending appropriate government program participation which can help maximize income & increase land value (ACRE + program)
• Providing timely, accurate financial summary reports & annual yield reports
• Provide background checks before signing new leases
• Locating qualified, competitive tenants
• Negotiate solid & safe leases
• Provide you with accurate accounting of all funds
• Bi-Annual Farm Reports
• Help owners and tenants qualify for FSA programs
• Monitor the FSA programs & provide assistance in understanding these programs benefits
• Make sure lines of communication remain open between all parties
• Order soil tests using a 3rd party testing service, providing an unbiased opinion, helping to evaluate the specific needs of your farmland.
• Provide tests results to all parties
• Provide spread recommendations to all parties
• Provide proof to the owner that tenant applied the recommended amounts of N, P, K & lime.
• Provide owner with annual yield, fertility & chemical application reports
• Monitor grain marketing for the tenants and provide assistance when necessary.
• Assisting our clients with fertilizer & pesticide selection and discussing various application methods
• Marketing livestock
• Farmland maintenance, including drainage, waterway reconstruction, building repairs, etc.

We take care of all the details!

From leasing the land and planning crop rotation to purchasing supplies and marketing the crop and livestock, we oversee it all. Our landowners always have accurate, up-to-date records and consistent on-the-farm supervision to ensure their best interests are represented.

In these tough agriculture times, it is important to be working with a financially qualified tenant. We work well with existing tenants as well as helping screen new ones so you know you are working with the most qualified operator. We work with you to maximize your income while maintaining or improving your land & buildings.

Is it worth hiring a management company?

Management fees can be easily recovered by the increased revenue from improved marketing and production. A management company can do a lease analysis and recommend alternatives, offer greater discounts on inputs, reduce insurance premiums & in most cases: improve net income.

Hiring a management company also offers piece of mind. The professionals at Brummel Realty, LLC communicate closely with you and are current with the latest in agricultural technology.

At Brummel Realty, LLC., we pride ourselves in improving the overall value of our clients’ farms while working to improve productivity, which will generate higher returns. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients educated and well-informed involving every aspect of their farm. Our clients can rest easy knowing their farms are being managed with our professional & personal hands-on approach. Let our expertise work for you! Call today to see what Brummel Realty, LLC can do for you!