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Brummel Realty offers appraisals by a Certified General Appasier with 35 plus years experience. Now that Illinois laws are changing and the IRS and legal institutions require an appraisal to be completed by a Certified General Appraiser, get a quote completed today using Brummel Realty because we provide the best quality and abide by the highest standards in the industry. We understand the market is changing and we will continue to meet our clients changing needs by providing you with these services.

7 Reasons to Get an Appraisal!
1. Objective evaluation of the property value.
2. Competitive pricing on both residential, farmland, and commercial appraisals.
3. It only takes one phone call to get a quote to start appraisal process.
4. Electronic ordering and delivery methods.
5. Completion by an experienced Certified General Appraiser.
6. IRS gifting, divorce, settling estate, valuation, etc.
7. Refinancing any property requires an appraisal

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